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Taping and Fire Test

Release date: 2020-06-29 Visits:1163

Material selection and wrapping application of mica tape

Quality Control of Fire resistance Wire & Cable

Due to many factors and  links are affected, the quality requirements of the fire-resistand wire and cable are very strict. For cable manufacturers, there are mainly three aspects to control quality of cables such as raw material quality control, production process intermediate quality control and finished-products quality control. The first aspect of raw material quality control is mainly the choice of fire-resistant mica tapes and the  second aspect of intermediate quality control in the wrapping process. 

Based on our years of tracking, learning and data accumulation in the practical application of fire resistance wire & cable, the following suggestions are put forward on the best selection of mica tapes and optimal wrapping overlap rates for fire resistance wire & cable.

Fire-resistant test introduction and wrapping suggestion