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Core Values of Pamica

1、 Enterprise vision: create a first-class enterprise, build happiness and safety
2、 Mission: to provide high-quality services for high-end cables and high-temperature insulation of electronics appliances
3、 Enterprise spirit: unity, practicability, innovation and dedication
4、 Quality concept: quality is the life of an enterprise
5、 Environmental concept: safety, economy and harmony
6、 Business philosophy: professional, excellence,  steady and growth
7、 Enterprise declaration: Pamica is safe in the world

President's motto
1. National interests, customers' interests, employees' interests and enterprises' interests are paramount.
2. Be alert to four risks: safety risk, environmental protection risk, quality risk and capital risk.
3. Recognize the four crises: ideological crisis, innovation crisis, talent crisis and competitiveness crisis.
4. Honesty is the soul of an enterprise. We should cherish it as our own life.
5. The core competitiveness is these three points: better quality, lower cost, faster delivery time.
6. We should work hard, be diligent and thrifty, be driven by innovation, and strive for long-term stability.

Pamica creed:
Competitor can not, I can ; Competitor can,  I do better; Competitor does better, I do special; Competitor does special, I will do lower cost.

Advertising words:
Pamica leads the new era of Mica industry development.

Chairman message
In the past, taking advantage of the east wind of national reform and development, we were fortunate to have made some achievements in the field of mica. Together with our colleagues in the industry, we have promoted the Chinese Mica Brand to the world, and played a due role in the construction of modern civilization, the protection of people's livelihood and the improvement of human welfare. In this sense, we always adhere to the enterprise vision of "creating a first-class enterprise, building happiness and safety", and persevere and forge ahead.
Today, at a new starting point of high-quality development, Ping'an electrician shoulders a greater industry mission and era responsibility. We will always have the original intention, focus on the main business, make great efforts, constantly enhance the innovation ability and core competitiveness, make solid progress on the road of enterprise networking, digitization, intelligence and globalization, strive to repay users, employees and society with better performance, and contribute to the beautiful cause of prosperity, national rejuvenation and people's happiness.