Mica Commutator Sheet

Product introduction

Pamica 5531 are rigid plate-shaped insulation materials produced through the process of baking and suppressing exceptional high-grade Pamica® mica paper or mica pieces, bonded with a certain amount of specially selected epoxy resin.

They are sanded on both sides resulting in uniform and precise tolerances. Other significant properties including bond content, compressibility, flexural strength, resistance to exudation, etc. are permanently controlled and documented. It exhibits good electrical properties, mechanical strength, excellent moisture resistance, and can be sawed, sheared and punched into intricate shapes. It also has superior uniformity, automatic feeding and stacking are possible for cost savings in high speed assembly operations.

    Pamica® Mica sheet

    Products Type Thickness Standard Size Remark
    Rigid Mica sheets PB5662 0.3-1.5MM 1000x2400MM Suitable for corrugated mica part,small punched mica part,high strength framework of heater.
    Flexible Mica sheet PB5161 0.08-6MM 1000*2400MM Suitable to winding or wrapping, No recovery.
    Overthick Mica plate PB5761 2-100MM 1000*2400MM High dielectric strength, suitable for machined mica parts with drilling,milling and turning.
    Mica Commutator Sheet PB5531 0.15-2.0MM 1000*1200MM Insulation between copper segment of commutators

    Used in various operating speeds of all kinds of electrical household appliances, power tools and other industrial equipment.


    Two different grades available

    PB5531 is widely used for standard segments required for small and medium size commutators.
    PJ5531 is the easiest product to punch for extremely small segments.

    Supply Availability

    Sheet of 1000 X 600, 1000 X 1200mm,
    Thickness 0.2-1.9mm
    Various strips and punched parts according to customers’ drawings and requirements.

    Technical Date

    Type PB5531 PJ5531
    Mica content % ≥90 ≥90
    Bond content % ≤10 ≤10
    Density g/cm3 2.1-2.4 2.1-2.4
    Thickness tolerance mm Average ±0.02 ±0.02
    Individual ±0.03 ±0.03
    Compressibility Ce-elastic % ≤2.5 ≤2.0
    Cp-plastic % ≤2.5 ≤2.0
    Flexural strength Mpa >300 >300
    Elastic modulus Mpa >80 000 >70 000
    Resistance to exudation and displacement ℃ 200 200
    Dielectric strength kV/mm >20 >20