Mica Heater

Product introduction

Panwarm mica heater is consist of high quality Pamica mica paper and alloy electrothermal film as integral super heater after special laminating technology process. It exhibits a good virtue which are safety, environmental protection, light-weight, durable service, high efficiency and energy-saving, and use as heater instead of electric oil heater, heating wire, quartz tube or halogen tube.


    ◆ Safety and Environmental protection: Surface Insulation, No combustion, No burst, Noiseless, No light, No naked fire , No radiation , No oxygen consumption,No oil stain.
    ◆ Light-weight and Durable service: PNP, Light and thin,Flexibility, Aseismatic and Shatter-resistant,Anti-oxidization.No power attenuation after running more than 100,000 hours.
    ◆ High efficiency and Energy – saving: Start and heat, Heating-up within 3 seconds.Large heat exchange area, low heat loss, Power-saving, up to 98% of thermal efficiency.

    Technical Date

    Item Unit Index Value
    Area( L X W) MM2 1300 x 600
    Voltage V 3—380
    Power per unit Area W/CM2 ≤0.9
    Surface Temperature ≤350
    Heating-Up time MIN ≤3
    Leakage current MA ≤0.75
    Resistance ≥100
    Dielectric Strength(1800AC/5MA/3S) No spark-over, No arc-over

    Inspection report