Mica Tape

Coated mica tape

Coated mica tape

by Pamica/ on 2023-01-21

Firwo®-FP coated mica tape for fire-resistant wire & cable, an electrical and thermal insulation material, consists of new developed special mica paper, glass fiber cloth as the reinforcing material, coated with inorganic material, impregnated with silicone resin. Firwo®-FP is a high performance fireproof mica tape with special technology and better stability, flexibility and temperature resistance.

Perfect solutions for

  • Stickly issues at high speed winding
  • Glass Yarn Problem at high speed winding
  • Mica flaking at high speed winding

Temperature resistance:
  • 950-1050℃

Technical Datas FIRWO® - FP Coated mica tape
Type FP120GT60 Coated on mica paper layer FP120G28 Coated on glass fiber layer FCP120GT60 Calcined Coated mica tape FS120GT60 Synthetic Coated mica tape
Thickness (mm) 0.150±0.02 0.160±0.02 0.150±0.02 0.150±0.02
Total substance (g/m2) 200±15 215±15 200±15 200±15
Mica content (g/m2) 120±5 120±5 120±5 120±5
Stiffness (N/m) 25-50 25-55 25-50 25-50
Breakdown voltage (kV/layer) >2.5 >3.0 >2.5 >2.5
Tensile strength (N/cm) >120 >120 >120 >120
Note: These technical data are average results of lahoratory tests conducted under standard nrocedures and are subject to variations, and do not
constitute a warranty or representation for which we assure legal responsibility.