Mica Heater

Mica Heater
Mica Heater

Mica Heater

by Pamica/ on 2023-01-21

Panwarm mica heater is a Pamica patented product. It consists of Pamica® mica paper and alloy heating film as integral super heater after a special laminating technique process.
Since 2010, when Pamica entered the mica heating parts market, our products have been well welcomed by well-known enterprises in the world, especially by product designers. By 2020, Pamica has produced more than 20 million mica heating pieces, becoming the largest professional manufacturer of mica electric heating products in Asia.

Heating-up within 3 seconds

Planar heating, 3 seconds of rapid heating, electric conversion efficiency can reach more than 99%, more energy saving; Ultra-light and ultra-thin, more suitable for the appearance design of electrical appliances;Full parallel circuit, no power attenuation, durable, service life up to more than 100,000 hours.

Safety and environment protection

Mica and silicon electrothermal film is pressed as a unit, no electric shock flashover, seismic, security, noiseless, odor-free, no light pollution; Far infrared wave heating has the function of mediating immunity and delaying aging to human body.

Uniform heating

The heat source is soft, maintain indoor air humidity, create a fresh, comfortable and pleasant indoor environment.

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